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Worldwide ERC Broker s Market Analysis and Strategy Report Purpose This report is designed to enable the real estate broker to conduct a diligent analysis of the subject property s condition competition and future marketability. Based on this analysis the broker is to estimate the subject property s Most Likely Sales Price. This is not a home inspection. Nor is this an appraisal this comparative market analysis has not been performed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional...
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Hello and thank you for your attention today I will demonstrate how to create an erc BMA within the multi form application I will locate the icon on my desktop and double-click this will immediately open the software application to the forms the source form is on the left hand side notice erc BMA on the right hand side are the data files that are complete or in process notice the template erc we will revisit this in a little while to create a new form we go to the new file field and left-click we will enter a file name this relevant to the property for which we are doing the erc BMA we were satisfied with this name we hit the enter key this will bring the blank form up so that we can begin processing in order to expedite data entry we can copy information from an existing form we will accomplish this by hitting the f5 fetch data we can choose from different sections of the form that are relevant to this property in this particular case I will just choose section one on the left we will pick the file from which the data will originate when we are satisfied with these choices hit fetch data and then reconfirm it will copy over the standard information that's probably typical across most of your er cpma forms when you are ready to enter in the unique data specific to this property just begin typing hit enter between fields notice that there's field-level help throughout the form this will prompt a user to enter the best data appropriate for a specific field what we are completed when we have completed the data we can add pictures we will accomplish this by hitting the f10 print prep photo pages are called agenda within our application and we can choose a number of agenda that's appropriate for this specific form with the exception of the cover page each of these photo pages allows for three pictures per page for demonstration purposes I'll just select the cover page when we are done selecting our agenda choose the add photos button on the bottom this will bring me to the photo processing page start adding pictures I just left-click once it'll allow me to search on my hard drive or external drives for the pictures I want to add I can scroll down and pick a picture if I left-click once this will put the picture in the preview box below notice the system will also show me where I'm navigated to on the form always ensure your embed images feature is turned on so that the pictures are stored within the form itself if this is the correct picture we just hit the select button the system also allows you to process photos automatically so that it puts you into a continuous ad thus making the processing very quick when we are ready to review our data and edit our work we can minimize the size of the screen so that we can see more of it if the erc BMA is satisfactory we can package it and deliver it to wherever it needs to go we can fax it if our system is tied to a fax server email it through Microsoft Outlook or really any email external email package or we...